Friday 31 March 2023 - 5:12:00 pm

Thuraya Extends its European Network To Service Andorra

Abu Dhabi, Jan.8, 2002 (WAM) -- Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Company has signed an agreement with IEC, a Telecommunication company operating in Andorra to become Thuraya service provider there. With this agreement, Thuraya's list of Service Providers in the coverage area goes up to 49, just as others are slated for finalisation within the first quarter of the year 2002. The Service Provider agreement was signed between Thuraya and IEC, by Thuraya's Chief Executive, Yousuf Al-Sayed and IEC Managing Director, Yves Emilian, at Thuraya's headquarters in Abu Dhabi. Thuraya's Service Provider agreement garners IEC the rights to distribute and market Thuraya's mobile satellite services and products throughout Andorra. The agreement also enables IEC to market user terminals and SIM cards as well as manage billing and customer care. Speaking at the event, Al Sayed said that the signing of this agreement falls under Thuraya's implementation and expansion strategy. +This agreement reinforces our service provision network in Europe and we look forward to a long-term and prosperous partnership with IEC,+ he said. Expressing his optimism with the current progress of rollout Al Sayed said Thuraya's introduction of commercial services had been steady. +We are pleased with the response we have had from our customers. Based upon the excellent feedback on Thuraya's performance, I expect we would be able to reach all our target segments by the first quarter of this year in Andorra. I believe that a large segment of Andorrans, especially roamers and travellers will benefit from Thuraya services, just as the country's existing infrastructure will be positively impacted,+ he added. For his side, Emilian said, his company was proud to have signed such a deal with with Thuraya. +We are confident of our business plan that aims at providing Thuraya's satellite telephony to large segment of people in need of the service,+ he said, adding +We hope the New Year brings with it great successes and the flourishing of our partnership.+ Speaking about Thuraya's presence in Andorra, Emilian said Andorra, with its strategic location in between Spain and France, serves as a vital link to tourists who have to travel over this mountainous country to get to other side of Europe. +Therefore, I definitely see a great demand for Thuraya in the tourism sector and in key accounts and business to consumers,+ he said. WAM/SA