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Sun 20-06-2010 23:01 PM

Abu Dhabi to host 2010 GICNT Plenary Meeting on 29th June 2010

WAM Abu Dhabi, 20th June 2010 (WAM) -- Partner nations and official observers in the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT) will gather in Abu Dhabi on June 29, 2010 for the 2010 GICNT Plenary Meeting. The senior-level meeting, hosted by the Government of United Arab Emirates, co-chaired by the United States and Russian Federation, will serve to strengthen the commitment and resolve of the GICNT partnership. It will also conclude a year-long process, which begun at the 2009 Plenary Meeting in The Hague, to pursue "enhanced implementation" of the Initiative.

"UAE policies support the establishment of a strong international framework for the cooperation in the nuclear security field" H.H. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Foreign Minister said. "The Government hosting of this important event is a clear demonstration of the UAE's commitment to counter nuclear terrorism and promote nuclear security", he added.

The Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT) is an international partnership of 82 partner nations and four official observers. All partners have endorsed a set of core nuclear security principles encompassing the full spectrum of deterrence, prevention, detection, and response objectives. Through multilateral activities and exercises, partners share best practices and lessons learned in order to strengthen both individual and collective capabilities to combat the threat of nuclear terrorism. Since the inception of the GICNT, partners have conducted over 30 GICNT activities and five senior-level Plenary Meetings. These events have resulted in greater networking and transparency among the international community and in enhanced coordination within individual partner governments.

The 2010 Plenary Meeting will provide a unique opportunity for partners to endorse revised procedures that facilitate strengthened strategic oversight and coordination of GICNT activities. The 2010 Plenary Meeting will also compliment recent efforts of the April 2010 Washington Nuclear Security Summit and the May 2010 Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference in reinforcing standards for nuclear security and the global nonproliferation regime.