Sat 25-02-2017 23:07 PM

UAE-Kenya Joint Ministerial Committee holds second meeting in Abu Dhabi 1st add

Amina Mohammed, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kenya, praised the meeting in Abu Dhabi as ''historic'' and provided a window to discuss the possibilities of expanding co-operation in the interest of the two friendly peoples.

She hoped that such meetings would be held on a regular basis as they provided a platform to address and tackle outstanding issues and challenges.

She noted that visits between officials in the UAE and Kenya in recent years indicated the strength of bilateral ties and efforts by both sides to build on existing momentum to expand the growing co-operation.

According to her, the UAE is a key trading partner to Kenya and is encouraged to tap available investment opportunities in the Kenyan market, especially in financial services, trade fairs, evolving civil aviation.

She called on both sides to settle pending issues regarding the civil aviation sector.

The UAE and Kenya established diplomatic ties in 1982 with Kenya opening its embassy in Abu Dhabi in the same year and a consulate in Dubai in 2010. The UAE opened its embassy in Nairobi in 2012. The first visa issuance centre in Africa was opened in Nairobi.

Kenya ranked 34th in the list of countries receiving UAE humanitarian aid which amounted to nearly US$4 million between 2015 and 2016.