Sun 26-02-2017 17:35 PM

Dubai Cares CEO receives PAM Award in recognition of his commitment to quality education for all

DUBAI, 26th February, 2017 (WAM) -- Tariq Al Gurg, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Dubai Cares, received the 2016 PAM Award in recognition of his strong and visible commitment, outstanding achievements, and advocacy for quality education in developing countries, particularly in the Mediterranean countries.

The award was presented to the Dubai Cares CEO during the 11th Plenary Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM), held in Porto city, Portugal, from 23rd to 24th February 2017.

This is yet another achievement for the UAE, in addition to the many accomplished by the country.

Al Gurg, the only person to be recognized by PAM this year, has been a primary driver of success for the UAE-based global philanthropic organisation since 2009. He has enabled Dubai Cares to contribute to the evidence-base in education, leverage funding, and invest in strategic relationships and programmes that support the global education agenda. His focus has been to develop Dubai Cares as a recognised best-case practitioner, and a global leader in education programme design and innovation that is grounded in a philosophy of continuous monitoring, evaluation and rigorous research.

"I am both honoured and humbled to be receiving this award, which I consider to be not a personal accolade, but a testament to the outstanding work of Dubai Cares and the positive impact it has made on the lives of children in developing countries. If I should be recognised for anything, it should be for the fact that I have surrounded myself with an extremely professional, devoted and driven group of professionals that has worked so well together across the years," Al Gurg said.

"This recognition for my work at Dubai Cares by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean – an organisation which shares our core beliefs, values, and commitment to social and economic development – is a true honour for all those involved in our mission. I am confident it will further motivate us, raise awareness and engagement with our work, and encourage more people to support us, as we strive to ensure children overcome the barriers of poverty and inequality to secure the education that is their right and hope," Al Gurg added.

As part of its integrated, impactful and sustainable education programmes launched in the Mediterranean region, Dubai Cares supported thousands of children in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, as well Syrian refugees, all of which are PAM member states.

The PAM Award is awarded every year by the 28 member states of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean to individuals, organisations or institutions who contribute through their actions towards establishing bridges among the people of the region to foster understanding, mutual respect, socio-economic co-operation, political dialogue, confidence building and solutions to conflicts.