Sun 26-02-2017 18:59 PM

UAE leads region in domain names registrations: TRA

ABU DHABI, 26th February, 2017 (WAM) -- By registering more than 205,000 national domain names (.ae) by the end of February 2017, the UAE has maintained its lead in the Arab region in registering national domain names, a Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) official told the Emirates News Agency, WAM.

"The national domain name is a key element in the development of the internet industry in the UAE, as it represents an important form of digital identity for any company or institution operating in the UAE. It also contributes positively to elevating the UAE’s competitiveness. The domain’s impact extends to affect other areas, such as the proliferation of the internet and the nation’s e-commerce infrastructure. We would like to express our gratitude to all those who use the national domain name (.ae) in their websites and e-businesses, and would like to thank our partners, the domain name registration services (.ae) providers, for their continuing efforts to promote the (.ae)," the official said.

The national domain enables any individual or company to register a specific domain name and enjoy the benefits of the national domain name (.ae). Individuals and companies reserve the right to use their domain name for a certain period, and this requires complying with the terms related to the Domain Name Registry Operator Service Agreement.

''TRA strives to achieve its vision of providing the optimum environment for the ICT sector to thrive and lead. This increment indicates that the TRA has made great strides towards this vision,'' he stated.

He noted that the significant growth in the number of registrations on the national domain .ae was an indication of the quality of this service, and its importance in helping registered companies reach out to a wider community.

The TRA is confident that the demand for registration with the national domains will continue to gain momentum, due to its capacity to meet the users’ needs and its role of protecting Intellectual Property Rights, the official remarked. Domain Administration (.aeAD ), the regulatory body and registry operator for the .ae domain, a subsidiary of TRA, is mandated to manage the national domain. It has also established the new framework, which includes an administrative structure to guarantee a sustainable growth of the namespace and promote competition by accrediting multiple .ae registrars.

The national domain name (.ae) attracts key companies who wish to take advantage of business opportunities, events and exhibitions that are hosted by the UAE. It also ensures the use of the national domain name to maintain the intellectual and commercial property rights of the owners of well-known brands in the world. The registration process is easy, as it does not take more than three minutes, even as accredited registrars compete to provide services with premium standards, including smart applications and online registration.