Tue 07-03-2017 19:37 PM

Public Diplomacy and Government Communication Forum to feature book-signing event for Tom Fletcher and Alastair Campbell

DUBAI, 7th March, 2017 (WAM) -- Former high-profile public officials Tom Fletcher and Alastair Campbell, two of the leading speakers at the Public Diplomacy and Government Communication Forum, will sign copies of their latest books for the public at an event taking place at the Forum on 12th March, 2017.

The Public Diplomacy and Government Communication Forum is a new initiative organised by the Government of Dubai Media Office that aims to help government organisations explore more effective communication strategies through a discussion of global and regional best practices and success stories.

Tom Fletcher, former policy adviser to three UK Prime Ministers, will sign copies of his book Naked Diplomacy: Power Statecraft in the Digital Age, which offers penetrating insights into the reality of international relations in today’s social media-dominated environment.

The book explores the core principles of a progressive 21st century foreign policy: how to balance interventionism and national interest, use global governance to achieve national objectives and set out an agenda for representative international systems. Alongside wisdom from history’s most influential global leaders and diplomats, he analyses the rise of smart power, soft power and the new interventionism.

Tom Fletcher is currently a Visiting Professor of International Relations at New York University, and an Advisor to the Global Business Coalition for Education and Emirates Diplomatic Academy.

He previously also served as the British Ambassador to Lebanon (2011-15), and the Downing Street foreign policy adviser to three Prime Ministers (2007-11).

Alastair Campbell, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s press secretary, will sign copies of his bestselling book Winners: And How They Succeed, which seeks to understand how successful people tick. Through in-depth interviews and using his own experience in politics and sport, Campbell seeks to get to the heart of success.

The book explores how winners build great teams, and deal with unexpected setbacks and new challenges. Campbell draws on the wisdom of an astonishing array of talented people from elite athletes to media mavens, and rulers of countries to rulers of global business empires to offer a blueprint for winning.

Alastair Campbell is a writer, communicator and strategist best known for his role as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s spokesman, press secretary and director of communications and strategy. Still active in politics and campaigns in Britain and overseas, he now splits his time between writing, speaking, charities and consultancy.

He wrote eleven books in the past eight years, including six volumes of diaries, three novels, a personal memoir on depression and the pursuit of happiness.

The first edition of the Public Diplomacy and Government Communication Forum is set to attract high-level experts in government communication, as well as seasoned communication consultants from the region and across the world.

The Forum will provide a platform to discuss the most important trends, issues and challenges in public diplomacy and government communication. The Forum will feature a rich and varied discussion through workshops and interactive sessions.