Thursday 04 March 2021 - 8:57:00 pm

Yemeni army approaching Sanaa

ADEN, 12th March, 2017 (WAM) -- Brig. Gen. Abdou Abdullah Bamajalli, Spokesman of the Armed Forces and Consultant at the General Staff of Yemen, announced today that the Yemeni army is approaching the Directorate of Arhab and Capital Sanaa.

According to the government-run Yemeni news agency, Mr. Bamajalli confirmed that, meanwhile, battles are continuing to liberate Nahm, eastern front of Sanaa, a development preceded by liberating a series of mountains, including Dorah, Al-Ayani, Al-Safeh, Al-Dhabeeb, Al-Tibab Al-Hamaraa, west of Al-Garn mountain, and Al-Safeenah.

He added that a number of sites located between the directorate of Nahm and Bani Hashish were liberated while great breakthroughs and advances were achieved by the national army and the popular resistance in Al-Masloub directorate and the western coast front as well as other fronts of Taiz.