Mon 20-03-2017 20:05 PM

UAE announces over 1400 initiatives for National Year of Giving- 2nd Add

DUBAI, 20th March, 2017 (WAM)--xxxx. Patients. Another initiative is titled "Goodness is in You - Support those in Need", is the initiative aimed at providing a helping hand to the needy, including to low-income families, workers, students and other social groups, through the provision of services and assistance from various staff members in a selection of institutions in Abu Dhabi.

Another initiative titled "Good is in You – Support the Underprivileged" includes offering of support to helping those who are less prone and reluctant to show that they need help.

"Goodness is in our Children" is an initiative that aims to promote the sense of responsibility, which will inadvertently enhance the sense of belonging, in younger people.

Another initiative from Abu Dhabi is titled "Everyone is Responsible", and focuses on instilling the value of social responsibility through the dissemination of ‘giving’ policies in the public and private sectors, working to achieve a framework for institutional partnership between the two.

"Reach Out" is an initiative, which focusses on the effective contributions of Abu Dhabi institutions toward developing the role of humanitarian organisations, determining the specific needs of the groups targeted by those organisations, and helping in achieving maximum efficiency.

Finally, the initiative titled "Media and the Year of Giving Initiatives in Abu Dhabi" will support all other initiatives and objectives for the Year of Giving in Abu Dhabi by dedicating coverage that promotes the culture of giving, targeting specific audiences , and disseminating messages and principles with stories and information benefiting the community as a whole.

While Dubai announced at the press conference a total of 375 initiatives, to be carried out by several entities in the emirates in both the public and private sectors, in order to achieve the desired objectives of the Year of Giving.

The Secretary-General of the Executive Council of Dubai said, "The spirit of philanthropy has always been alive in the UAE; this year, our goal is to strengthen this value in order to contribute to the sustainable development of our nation."

Some of the initiatives launched under the Year of Giving in Dubai include the "Medical Assistance Programme", a programme designed to assist patients in need, which includes 49 pharmaceutical programmes, and will be launched in collaboration with private-sector companies, charities and donors.

The programme aims to provide aid, under the advise of the Heath Authority, to patients in need, regardless of their nationalities. The programme aims to provide assistance to 3,000 chronic and critical patients in 2017, with a total contribution in medical aid of up to AED 265 million.

Another initiative from Dubai is titled "Magistrate for Good", which is an initiative that aims to reconcile families outside of court. The initiative will recreate a domestic environment where couples can discuss their family issues, children can be supported, and families can work towards positive reconciliation.

The "Participating for Good" initiative will address the CSR pillar by creating a CSR Index, a measuring tool to assess CSR by number of participants and financial donations, in harmony with the federal index. The initiative aims to achieve 30% of the index in 2017, and the remaining in 2018.

Another initiative from Dubai is titled "Good Giving", and is a community-based initiative that operates within an integrated programme, leveraging the role of the private sector (under the CSR pillar) in contributions to community development projects. Community development projects include services that support people with disabilities, the elderly and children, education, speech and language clinics, and consultation centre programmes (in cooperation with 280 service centres in Dubai).

The "Best Volunteer" initiatives aims to enhance Dubai’s philanthropy sector by developing a database that registers volunteers in the public and private sectors, gives volunteers a chance to coordinate, and calculates the financial value of volunteering.

The "Consult" initiative will also be launched, in coordination with Dubai courts and law firms, in order to enhance the community’s trust in the judicial system through pro bono work, providing legal advice to low-income individuals. The initiative aims to provide free legal council counsel to 1000 people, estimated at the cost of AED 3 million, via 81 law firms based in Dubai.

Lastly, "AED for Good" is an initiative, in collaboration with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), that gives all users an option to donate one dirham upon completing any RTA-related transaction. All proceeds will go toward development projects, in the transportation and infrastructure sectors, in underdeveloped countries.

Sharjah announced 56 new initiatives for the Year of Giving, all of which seek to entrench the value of giving deeper in the culture, and to engage public and private sector institutions and members of the community.

The Deputy Chairman of the Year of Giving committee in Sharjah, said, "Sharjah is a forerunner in humanitarianism, and under the UAE’s wise leadership, and we will continue to be pioneers in philanthropy, in various fields and places, and work to achieve the objectives of the Year of Giving. Goodness and tolerance are critical in the pursuit of humanity, and the Year of Giving gives us the opportunity to engage more people in contributing to the community."

Among the initiatives introduced by Sharjah is the "Old Homes Maintenance", an initiative that invites volunteers from the public and private sectors to help maintain old homes in the Emirate.

"Dedicating Time" is another initiative, which includes creating a legislation that allows employees to dedicate a specific amount of time toward a cause, and that is considered during employee annual evaluations.

"The Volunteer Forum" will also be introduced, inviting the most prominent local and regional figured to attend and share their humanitarian experiences and knowledge.

Among others, the initiative "Charitable Exhibitions" will be introduced; a special exhibition will take place, whereby exclusive products and goods will be sold, and where all proceeds will go to charity.