Tue 28-03-2017 20:02 PM

UAE condemns missile attack on Saudi cities by Houthi and Saleh militias

ABU DHABI, 28th March, 2017 (WAM) -- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation on Tuesday condemned the persistent attacks on Saudi cities with ballistic missiles by the Houthi and Saleh militias. The statement by the ministry said the latest attack was clear evidence that weapons continued to be smuggled through the Hodeidah port, which is still under the control of the militias.

The ministry stressed the UAE's consistent position that the international community must take a clear stand on the Hodeidah port in order to streamline humanitarian relief operations and make sure successful delivery of aid materials, in addition to preventing weapons smuggling by the militias who prolong the crisis and exacerbate the humanitarian situation in Yemen.

The ministry pointed out in its statement that the attack on the Saudi cities with ballistic missiles was indicative of the militias’ determination to undermine any political efforts to end the crisis in Yemen. It also shows that there are regional players who try to fuel the conflict further and destabilize the region in pursuit of their agendas.

The Arab Coalition had called on the United Nations to bring under its control the militia-run strategic port of Hodeidah in order to facilitate the flow of humanitarian supplies to the Yemeni people and to prevent the use of the port for smuggling weapons.