Tuesday 16 August 2022 - 10:33:24 am

Yemen's National Army and Popular Resistance take control of Midi city

HAJJAH, 12th April, 2017 (WAM) -- The Yemeni National Army and Popular Resistance took control today of new territories from the Houthi Saleh militias in the city of Midi in Hajjah Governorate.

The Yemen News Agency said that the army and popular resistance controlled the high areas of Tabbat-Aziz, Tabbat-Mahmoud, Eshash Siraj and a number of high areas north of downtown Al Barid, while the city is being cleared of pockets of militias that are fortified in tunnels and some residential buildings.

The National Army and Popular Resistance have managed, since this morning, to control the ports and entrances of the coastal city of Midi in Hajjah Governorate, liberating many of its neighbourhoods.

A statement from the 5th Military Command in Yemen mentioned that the military forces and popular resistance have started an attack on areas controlled by the Houthi Saleh militias in the city of Midi, managing to regain control of the historic Al Qamaheya citadel, the post building and electricity headquarters, and moved further into downtown areas from the north-western direction.

The Coalition Air Force started a series of raids on the militias’ sites in the city that led to the killing of 18 militia elements and the destruction of military equipment, including a tank and BMP vehicle.

The national army and popular resistance succeeded in stopping the coup militias’ advances in the Souk Al Ethnain area below Heijat Al Abd in Taiz governorate, and they fired with heavy and medium weaponry on the sites and weapons storage in the area.

A Yemeni military source noted that with this attack, the militia tried to decrease the pressure on the Al Kadha front, which is part of the Al Wazaia province.

He stressed that the national army forces and popular resistance managed to stop the militia’s fire with heavy weaponry and destroyed the Tochka rockets, damaging a militia crew and injuring those in it at the Al Qawa’eda Akboush Ahkoum elevated land.

A military source had stressed earlier that the militia had pushed with reinforcements and military machinery to the province of Haifan, south of Taiz, where military crews were seen in the Al Khazja area in the connecting line between Taiz city and the Tour Al Baha province of Lahaj governorate.