Mon 08-05-2017 19:20 PM

UAE stresses importance of religious tolerance for advancement of science

ZAGREB, 8th May, 2017 (WAM) -- The UAE has participated in the conference on science and religion, organised by the Islamic society in Croatia.

Rashid Al Tunaiji, Acting Executive Director of the National Tolerance Programme, stressed during the conference titled "The Role of Religious Tolerance in the Advancement of Science" that the UAE’s wise leadership is keen to promote the values of tolerance, compassion, co-existence and love, and adopt a realistic approach confirming the close link between science and religion.

In his speech, Tunaiji conveyed the greetings of Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid Al Qasimi, Minister of State for Tolerance, and her wishes for the success of this conference. He said that divine religions stated the importance of knowledge in different sciences and arts, and Islam has urged us to pursue learning.

He said, whoever studies Islamic history will find that religious tolerance has contributed to the advancement of knowledge. He highlighted that Islam has made knowledge a vital aspect in people’s lives and urges them to adopt justice, civilised behaviour, diversity, and peaceful co-existence.

Tunaiji cited some historical facts that confirm the impact of religious tolerance in the advancement of knowledge, adding that tolerance prevailed during the most prosperous eras of the Arab region. He said during that period Muslim countries represented a beacon of knowledge, and when the Muslim left Andalusia, the Jews left with them because they had witnessed religious tolerance and its positive impact.

He also pointed to the UAE’s experience in promoting values of religious tolerance and mentioned that the National Tolerance Programme aims to achieve sustainability of tolerance, peace and co-existence.

He highlighted the fact that the diversified UAE community derives tolerance from seven main principles: Islam, UAE Constitution, Sheikh Zayed legacy, UAE morals, international conventions, history, human instinct and common values.

While the tolerance programme is based on five main axes: the promotion of the role of the government in embracing tolerance; the promotion of the role of coherent families in building a tolerant community; the promotion of values of tolerance among youth and preventing them from extremism; the enriching of scientific and cultural-tolerant content, and the contribution in international efforts to promote tolerance and highlight the position of the nation as a tolerant country.

He noted that the achievements of the UAE in vital sectors such as space, renewable energy, economy, education, and health and infrastructure, reflect a well-established philosophy that religion serves knowledge. It confirms the fact that science will progress if we focus on common values and human principles of tolerance and co-existence.