Mon 08-05-2017 21:19 PM

UAE participates in Arab League's joint committee meeting on anti-terrorism law

CAIRO, 8th May, 2017 (WAM) -- The UAE participated in a meeting of a joint committee of experts and representatives of ministries of justice and interior of Arab countries, held today at the headquarters of the Arab League to discuss amendments to a model pan-Arab anti-terrorism law.

Participants will discuss updates to the model law which is only indicative and is not binding for Arab states which, however, can use it as a guide while enacting their own national counterterrorism legislation, explained Jawad Al-Ameen, Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League for Legal Affairs.

The UAE is represented at the two-day meeting by a delegation comprising Ali Hassan Al Shirawi, head of the Court of Appeal in Sharjah, Adel Abdullah Al Marzouqi of the Department of International Co-operation at the Ministry of Justice, and Lt. Colonel Turki Al Dhohouri of the Ministry of Interior.

There is disagreement between Arab states not only over this law, but also over every indicative agreement and bill that is proposed, and that is because they already disagree about the involved terminology and meanings of words, Al-Ameen told reporters on the sidelines of the meeting.

Reaching consensus on the meanings of words and terminology is not easy, he said. "That is why we are striving to reach a compromise and create a common ground between Arab states."

Armed struggle and states' resistance against occupation, as is the case in Palestine, are not identified as terrorism which means violent acts perpetrated by any armed group seeking to inflict harm under any available pretexts, according to Al-Ameen.