Mon 15-05-2017 16:17 PM

Formation of the Emirates Global Youth Council in the United States

WASHINGTON DC, 15th May, 2017 (WAM) -- Shamma bint Sohail Faris AlMazrui, Minister of State for Youth Affairs, has announced the formation of the Emirates Global Youth Council, EGYC, in the United States of America, in collaboration with the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC, as part of the Emirati Youth Council’s, EYC, initiatives to establish international councils in various countries around the world.

The EGYC in Washington, DC, includes 14 members, all of whom are UAE students studying across US universities in Washington, DC, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Virginia, and Connecticut. The Council will foster the participation and involvement of Emirati youth in service to their communities both inside and outside the country, in addition to representing the UAE internationally and coordinating with Emirati students abroad. The Council will also be tasked with accomplishing various other projects.

Commenting on this event, Ms. AlMazrui said, "The selection of the Council members was coordinated with the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC, which selected high-achieving UAE students in US universities, tasked with interacting with other Emirati youth, where the EGYC will be acting as a platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences."

The Minister said that the EYGC is an initiative that aims to empower Emirati Youth across the world, allowing them to actively participate and contribute to the development of the UAE.

She added that the newly selected EYGC members would act as interactive platforms connecting the youth to their UAE society and empower them to find solutions for challenges facing society in general and specifically those related to the youth. The Council will also act as a tool to utilise the capabilities and experiences of young people in serving Emirati citizens and achieving the goal of happiness.

AlMazrui added, "The Emirati Youth Council has launched a number of initiatives which resulted in fostering the role of the youth in the Emirati society, with the goal of bolstering their capabilities and potential energies to prepare them for leadership roles in the future. Thus, they will be able to put into effect the vision of the UAE leadership to effectively contribute to shaping the future of the country, in which Emirati youth will play a pivotal role in achieving major accomplishments and making their country a pioneer in various fields."

Yousef Mana'a Saeed Al Otaiba, UAE Ambassador to the United States of America, praised the announcement of the EGYC formation in the US. He said that the Council embodies the continuation of the UAE leadership’s vision and determination to involve youth, capitalising on their aspirations and skills.

"We believe the Council will contribute to conveying the most significant practices that go along with youth-related policies. Our Council members will spare no effort in developing and implementing best practices under the supervision of our embassy, portraying to American audiences a vibrant image of Emirati youth through social interaction and cultural exchange," he added.

The US chapter of the EGYC was launched last November in Washington, DC, as part of the Annual Student Forum attended by hundreds of Emiratis studying in the United States.