Wed 17-05-2017 21:07 PM

UAE Parliamentary Division calls for tracking down terrorists in virtual, cyber spaces

MANAMA, 17th May, 2017 (WAM) -- The UAE Parliamentary Division has called for enacting legislations capable of consolidating societal cohesion, citizenry spirit, criminalisation of terrorist acts, punishing of perpetrators, liquidating of terrorism funding sources and tracking down of terrorists in virtual and cyber spaces.

The remarks were made during a workshop on counter-terrorism, being held in Bahrain. It underlined the role of the Federal National Council, FNC, in combatting terrorism, extremism and violence, as well as ways to finding viable solutions to the spread of terrorism across the Arab world.

During the first workshop hosted by the House of Representatives of the Kingdom of Bahrain, in co-operation with the Bahrain Institute for Political Development, the UAE Parliamentary Division referred to the spread of terrorist acts worldwide, and the recruitment of youth by terrorist organisations that have exploited loopholes of communication technology and led the world into a turmoil.

Salem Ali Al Shehhi, FNC member, who delivered a speech on behalf of the Division, said, "Counter-terrorism and eschewing of all forms of violence from any source, are the pillars of the UAE interior and foreign policy. The UAE hosts over 200 nationalities on its territory."

He referred to the counter-terrorism strategy launched in 2016, with a view to curb terrorism and liquidate its funding sources. The UAE official also cited the International Centre of Excellence for Countering Violent Extremism (Hedaya) and Sawab, a joint UAE-US centre for countering extreme ideas online.