Empower adopts high standards of green responsibility: CEO

DUBAI, 4th June, 2017 (WAM) -- Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation, Empower, adopts high standards of green responsibility, and since its inception has been following regulated policies using modern and efficient solutions to protect the environment, CEO Ahmad bin Shafar, said on Sunday.

"On the occasion of World Environment Day, we reaffirm our pledge to protect the environment and celebrate our beautiful planet by bringing about sustainable and equitable development through our district cooling solutions. While the occasion is an important milestone that reminds us what a treasure nature is, it is also an important day for people to protect and appreciate the environment," he said in an emailed statement.

Empower, he added, also implements green measures with district cooling solutions to minimise the adverse impact on the environment.

"As agents of environmental change, we ensure our solutions are effective and efficient not just for the current, but also for future generations," Bin Shafar said.