RTA, Dubai Police carry out boat collision drill to step up emergency response

DUBAI, 15th December, 2017 (WAM) -- The Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, in collaboration with the General Headquarters of Dubai Police, has carried out a drill simulating a collision between Dubai Ferry and a boat, 2.5 nautical miles away from Rashid Port, triggering a fire in the rear of the Ferry.

The mock drill started at the Dubai Water Canal Station in Jumeirah and extended up to Rashid Port. Several entities were engaged in the mock crash.

Ahmed Bahrozyan, Head of Emergency and Crisis Management Team, RTA, said, "The drill simulated a collision between one of RTA’s marine transit modes, Dubai Ferry with 50 persons on board, sparking flames in the rear of the Ferry. It required a quick response for rescuing passengers and taking necessary actions to restore RTA’s services."

"We have achieved our objectives in testing the speed of the response of the Emergency and Crisis Management Team and verifying the extent of coordination between all parties involved in the response process.

Lt. Colonel Expert Ahmed Ateej Burqaiba, Deputy Director of Search & Rescue Department, General Directorate of Transportation and Rescue, Dubai Police, commended the success of the drill, praising the interaction of all participants and their contribution to ensuring a speedy response to emergency cases. Such efforts, he noted, would contribute to achieving the strategic objective of Dubai Police in stepping up the preparedness for tackling crises and disasters.

WAM/Esraa Ismail