EU agri-food exports' values remained down for MENA in 2017

BRUSSELS, 19th February, 2018 (WAM) -- EU agri-food exports' values remained down for North African and Middle East destinations for 2017,according to the latest trade report published today by the European Commission.

The report attributed the decrease mainly to less exports in cereals), in particular Saudi Arabia (EUR -532 million; -12%), Egypt (EUR 0.448 million; -25%), Morocco (EUR -176 million; -10%), Libya (EUR -163 million and Algeria (EUR -154 million; -6%). Agri-food exports to Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates also went down appreciably in 2017.

For the year 2017, EU agri-food exports reached a record value of EUR 137.9 billion, corresponding to a sustained increase by 5.1 % in value terms compared to 2016.

Agri-food imports from third countries in 2017 accounted for EUR 117.4 billion, i.e. an increase by 4.5% compared to 2016 data. Nevertheless, driven by the stronger export performance over the 12-months period, the export surplus now stands at EUR 20.5 billion, which represents a growth of 9% over last year and the 8th consecutive year of agricultural trade surplus.


WAM/Tariq alfaham