Yemen's Wadi Al Masini liberated from Al Qaeda

ADEN, 22nd February, 2018 (WAM) -- Under massive aerial support provided by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition Forces' fighter jets along with efficient contributions by the UAE Forces, the Pro-Legitimacy Hadramaut Elite Forces are continuing 'Al Faisal Operation' in Wadi Al Masini in Hadramaut.

The Hadramaut Elite Forces have managed to entirely liberate the valley and expunged Al Qaeda militants from the area following a massive offensive where the air force played an eminent role in bombarding the terrorist organisation's strongholds, coupled with attacks by the land forces who showed full combat readiness in their fight against terrorism.

The Hadramaut forces gained full control over an operation room run by Al Qaeda militants in the valley and confiscated the equipment and ammunition used by the terror group in carrying out its criminal operations.

While combing the area, large caches of ammunition, including mortar guns and missiles were found and the Yemeni forces secured the entire zone by staging military posts and patrol units across the surrounding plateaus to preempt any counter offensives by the terrorists.

WAM/Hatem Mohamed