Abu Dhabi's iron, steel, copper trade hits AED22 billion in 2017

ABU DHABI, 27th February, 2018 (WAM) -- Abu Dhabi's trade in iron, steel and copper in 2017 amounted to AED22 billion, a growth of around 4 percent from AED21.16 billion in 2016, accounting for 13.7 percent of the emirate's total non-oil merchandise in 2017, which was valued at AED160 billion.

According to figures recently released by the Statistics Centre- Abu Dhabi, the growing demand over these kinds of minerals has significantly contributed to increasing the value of imports last year to AED17.4 billion, up 8.7 percent from AED16 billion in 2016.

In the meantime, the exports totaled AED4.3 billion against 4.8 billion in 2016, while re-exports stood at AED250 million by the end of December.

It should be noted that foreign trade data presented by SCAD do not cover non-oil exports and imports through ports of the other Emirates.


WAM/Hatem Mohamed/Tariq alfaham