Yemeni Army advances in Kirsh Front in Lahej Governorate

LAHEJ, Yemen, 23rd March, 2018 (WAM) -- With Support from the Saudi-led Arab Coalition, the Yemeni Army and Resistance Forces, are moving forward in Kirsh Front in Lahej Governorate pushing away the Iranian-backed Houthi militia in a swift military operation. The forces have taken control of Ras Al Tiwam, al-Kuayadat, al-Sakia, east and north of Al-Hashmah and Jebel al-Ahmar.

The forces have launched an air and ground operation against the rebels in the areas, supported by the Arab Coalition forces, with heavy military vehicles and air cover.

The forces headed towards Kirsh to the locations where the militia were stationed and launched qualitative air strikes which killed and injured members of the militia. The Coalition artillery also targeted strongholds of the Houthi militia in Ras Al-Malha, which resulted in heavy losses in equipment and lives.

The fighter jets of the Arab Coalition also targeted the strongholds and locations of Houthi militia in Jebel Al-Ahmar and took control of the area after clashes with Houthi gunmen. It also took control over Ras Al Tiwam, al-Kuayadat, al-Sakia, east and north of Al-Hashmah in light of the continued confrontations as air raids targeted the militia locations and led to the defeat of its forces.

A number of the militia militants were also captured and the forces recovered a large cache of weapons, ammunition and dozens of mines that were intended to be used against civilians amid the collapse of their ranks.

A Yemeni military source also emphasised the Yemeni Army and the Resistance insistance to continue to cleansing the entire Yemeni territories from the Houthi coup militia in the light of the high fighting morale of the forces as a result of continuing to achieve military victories and confronting the Iranian-backed militia with the support of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition.

The Arab coalition fighters jets continue to target militia held areas and the destruction of Iranian reinforcements and military vehicles on the various battle fronts in Yemen to weaken their military capabilities.

WAM/Hazem Hussein/MOHD AAMIR