Tuesday 16 August 2022 - 12:08:13 pm

Yemen National Resistance, Brigades al-'Amalaqah and Tihama Forces prepare for massive military campaign to liberate Hodeidah from Houthi clutches

YEMEN, 8th May 2018 (WAM) - Yemen National Resistance, Brigades al-'Amalaqah and Tihama Forces have finalised preparations for a large scale military operation to liberate the Governorate of Hodeidah in Yemen from the clutches of the Iranian-bacjed Houthi militias.

A joint operations room, run by the Arab Coalition, will see the forces coordinating their efforts, under support from the UAE Armed Forces, taking part in the Saudi-led Arab Coalition, to achieve a victory for Yemen and its people.

The announcement of preparations for the military operation comes on the heels of successive victories by Yemen National Resistance and Brigades al-'Amalaqah in Al Barh front, driving out the Houthi fighters from strategic mountain areas on the western entries of Al Barh city. The Resistance forces managed to cut-off supply lines for the Houthi militias after gaining control of the strategic Kahbub, Al Amri, Azan, Al Mansoura, Sanfa and Al Wazi'ya fronts.

A sources at the National Resistance said the launching of the campaign coincides with liberation of several strategic posts near Al Barh, which were used by the Houthis for smuggling weapons supplied by Iran.

The sources added that the Governorate of Hodeidah is home to one of the key ports on the Red Sea coast, which was used by the coup perpetrators for deliveries of weapons smuggled from Iran. It was also used as a base to target international shipping at one of the world's most vital waterways, the Bab Al Mandab strait.

He also said that the liberation of the Hodeidah Port, which will be achieved with support from the Arab Coalition and the UAE Armed Forces, will deal a crippling blow to the Houthi militias who once used it for their illicit operations. It will also help cut-off their main artery for Iranian supplies of weapons that are used against the Yemeni people.

"Regaining the Port of Hodeidah will guarantee maritime security and importantly, will lead to drying up smuggling sources for the Iranian-backed militias," the source added.

WAM/Hassan Bashir