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Zayed University to host 'Drone Synergies Global Conference'

DUBAI, 15th November, 2018 (WAM) -- Zayed University will host the first edition of the Drone Synergies Global Conference, which highlights the role of unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, in education, technology, smart agriculture, food security, environmental and natural resource management.

The conference, taking place on 21st-22nd November, 2018, at the Convention Centre of the Zayed University Campus in Dubai, brings together policymakers, government officials, researchers, drone manufacturers, software developers, service providers, and enthusiasts. It features more than 25 speakers from over 16 countries to blend in plenary sessions, presentations, capacity-building workshops, field trials, and demos.

The conference is set to become a unique platform for networking and the exchange of knowledge on the latest advancements in drone technology in the Gulf region and beyond. It highlights sessions on Artificial Intelligence, AI, and its increasing role in drone navigation and drone data analysis. The conference will also feature theoretical and practical sessions on hyperspectral drones - one of the most sophisticated technologies for data acquisition.

In keeping with the Year of Zayed spirit, this not-for-profit, non-commercial knowledge-sharing event is fully sponsored by the organisers. The conference is endorsed by the Open Geospatial Consortium, OGC, and is jointly organised by the International Centre for Biosaline Agriculture, ICBA; Zayed University, and the Falcon Eye Drones, FEDS.

Drones Synergies is the only conference in the Gulf region that will include project-based learning approaches. It will allow participants to gain practical knowledge of UAVs based on real field trials and data acquisition, using the latest technology and processing techniques in drones.

Participants will be able to choose sessions according to their needs. More than 45 hours of activities will be spread across six plenary sessions, four drone practical field trials and demos, round-tables, hands-on processing workshops, and 16 capacity-building workshops and networking sessions.

The event is designed for, among others, delegates from the UAE and abroad, representing government and non-government agencies and institutions such as municipalities, agricultural and food security organisations, universities, and civil defence.


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