Tuesday 22 September 2020 - 12:14:15 am

Three Yemenis, including two children, killed in Houthi bombing of village in Hodeidah

HODEIDAH, 22nd November, 2018 (WAM) -- Three Yemeni citizens including two children were killed, and dozens of other innocent civilians were injured in a mortar attack by the Iran-aligned Houthi militia on Al Manther village, in the recently liberated Al Hawak District of the Governorate of Hodeidah.

The latest systematic crime of targeting densely populated areas was in defiance of the international laws and norms that criminalise the targeting of innocent civilians and civilian facilities during wars.

After suffering repeated defeats on the Red Sea Coast, the Houthi rebels have been indiscriminately bombarding homes of Yemeni citizens at Al Manther village, instilling panic and fear among villagers, particularly women and children, eyewitnesses said.

Since their coup against the legitimate government, the Houthi rebels have been bombing civilian facilities with Iran-made ballistic missiles and mortars.

The eyewitnesses stated that these criminal acts provide evidence of Iran's smuggling and supply of arms to the Houthi militia which they are using to kill the Yemenis, including women, children and the elderly, in a grave and serious violation of the international humanitarian law.

The attack also proves that Iran continues to violate the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2216 banning the supply of arms to Houthi militias, which threatens the security and stability in the region.

WAM/Tariq alfaham/Hassan Bashir