MOCD supports People of Determination in Careers UAE 2019

DUBAI, 18th March, 2019 (WAM) -- The Ministry of Community Development, MOCD, will participate in UAE Careers 2019 between19th - 21st March, through its recruitment platform to empower People of Determination (persons with disabilities) and enable them find suitable job and training opportunities.

Wafa Hamad bin Sulaiman, Director of Welfare and Rehabilitation Department for People of Determination at the Ministry, stated that the UAE Careers 2019 will provide opportunities for job seekers through registering in the recruitment platform, where they will be introduced to the goals and objectives of the platform, registration process, and delivering their resumes and expertise to the institutions that have employment opportunities for them.

She emphasised that the ministry’s participation goal is to integrate people with disabilities with other community members to achieve values of equality, fairness and tolerance in all fields.

The UAE Careers 2019 also enhance the attendance of People of Determination in activities and events that are organised by various government and private sectors as a reflection of the national policy to empower them, highlight their abilities, professional and practical skills, and at the same time encourage federal, local and private sectors to view the employment opportunities available for them.

"The number of job seekers and employers as well as vacant occupations and positions accommodating their abilities and skills will be kept in our records as this will be an initial support for the People of Determination," she explained.

"Employers and People of Determination can also have access to the manuals provided at the platform, some of them are directed to the people of determination to help them search for a job opportunity, how to pass interviews successfully, facilitate the process of their adaptation with their colleagues and working environment in general. Other manuals were addressed to the employers on how to meet and interact with them at work with illustrative examples of different disabilities especially intellectual.

The platform has received 321 applications from people of different disabilities, while, 25 government and private sectors registered in the platform expressed their desire to employ them.


WAM/Rola Alghoul/Nour Salman