Friday 17 September 2021 - 10:51:45 am

Robot-operated number plates maker launched in Dubai

DUBAI, 13th April, 2019 (WAM) -- The Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, has integrated a robot-operated vehicle registration plate maker in Dubai. The fully-automated machine can produce 33,000 plates per day.

It applies the fourth industrial revolution, 4IR, technologies and artificial intelligence applications to print registration plates without any human intervention. Soon, RTA will install ten similar machines at service provider centres and will be controlled via the RTA’s central factory.

German company Tonnjes designed and produced the world's first fully-automated licence plate production, in which a robot receives electronic printing orders via the e-Licencing System, and begins to print registration plates without any human intervention.

The system then tracks the lifecycle of the registration plate from manufacturing to scrapping use the QR code affixed to the plate.

Each manufacturing unit can produce 350 to 700 plates per hour (one plate per 15 seconds). The machine can automatically print six different types of plates at a time, with a zero-margin error rate. This is a marked difference from the older systems, which could only produce 3,000 plates per day or would take about two minutes to print out one registration plate.

WAM/Nour Salman