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TBHF pledges US$ 216,000 to support Sinjar Action Fund

  • "القلب الكبير" تدعم مبادرة " صندوق سنجار " بـ 216 ألف دولار
  • "القلب الكبير" تدعم مبادرة " صندوق سنجار " بـ 216 ألف دولار

SHARJAH, 12th June, 2019 (WAM) -- The Big Heart Foundation,TBHF, has signed an agreement with Nadia’s Initiative, founded by Nadia Murad, co-recipient of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, to support the Initiative’s global advocacy efforts to rebuild Sinjar and enable the safe return of internally displaced Yazidis back to their homes.

The UAE-based global humanitarian charity has pledged a USD 216,000 financial grant to grow the Sinjar Action Fund, SAF, which was established by Nadia’s Initiative to advance advocacy and reconstruction efforts in the region. The funds will be mobilised by SAF until October 2019.

The agreement was recently signed by Mariam Al Hammadi, TBHF Director, and Nadia Murad.

Yazidis continue to suffer from Daesh’s genocidal campaign. With over 3,000 Yazidi women still in captivity, 300,000 living in internally displaced persons’ (IDP) camps, and the Yazidi homeland of Sinjar uninhabitable, the Yazidi community remains on the verge of collapse.

Through its financial support, TBHF seeks to positively influence some of the project outcomes like de-mining the region; rebuilding basic infrastructure including schools, hospitals, and homes; re-opening direct access roads from IDP camps to Sinjar; assisting IDPs in resettling and securing their livelihoods, among other outcomes.

Mariam Al Hammadi, Director of TBHF, said: "Yazidis living in IDP camps want to return home, but the lack of safety and necessary infrastructure remain the biggest obstacles. Through our financial support to Nadia’s Initiative, which we consider a humanitarian duty, TBHF aims to not only help reconstruction efforts being undertaken by SAF, but to also support Nadia’s efforts in garnering global support to stop Daesh’s genocidal campaign against the innocent Yazidis.

"Our great leaders in the UAE and Sharjah have always been at the forefront of humanitarian efforts worldwide. H.H. Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Wife of the Ruler of Sharjah, and Chairperson of TBHF, is a leading advocate of human rights and continues to stress that it is incumbent upon the global community to join efforts to stop minorities like the Yazidis from being subject to unjust persecution," she added.

Through Nadia’s Initiative, Murad has been using her global recognition to not only secure funding for SAF, but has been actively challenging world leaders to push past status quo and assume a responsibility to act – to make "never again" a reality.


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