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SHARJAH, 10th July, 2019 (WAM) -- As places of learning and enjoyment, Sharjah Museums are providing children with an opportunity to enjoy more thoughtful pursuits and learn in a highly cognitive sense with excitement and enhanced interest this summer break.

Museums across Sharjah are gearing up to host of a range of carefully selected educational and entretaining programmes, activities and workshops that target pupils aged between 7 and 13.

Offered in both English and Arabic, the active learning programmes have been structured to promote creativity and leadership skills amongst children.

On 7th July, Sharjah Discovery Centre kicked off its annual Future Leaders programme, a five-day course that teaches children how to become team players, while developing their leadership skills.

The Centre will host weekly workshops on Fridays to teach children about measurement units including height, weight and temperature, using fun scientific experiments.

Meanwhile, both Sharjah Aquarium and Sharjah Maritime Museum will jointly host the Fun Summer Camp titled 'Your Summer Is Fun' held in collaboration with the Sharjah Centre for Learning Difficulties. The five-day programme kicking off on July 14, aims to instill team spirit and leadership amongst participants and promote the culture of recycling and sustainability of the country’s marine environment.

It’s also aimed at boosting children’s self-confidence and increasing their knowledge about UAE’s marine life history while developing their fitness and motor skills.

Held over two phases each being two weeks long and starting on July 14th and 28th, the "Happy Holiday Camp" is organised by a number of Sharjah museums. The camp takes place in seven museums all under the umbrella of the Sharjah Museum Authority, namely Sharjah Aquarium, Sharjah Discovery Centre, Sharjah Archeology Museum, Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, Sharjah Maritime Museum, Sharjah Science Museum and Sharjah Art Museum.

Over the course of the programme, camp participants aged between 9-12 will sail across continents at Sharjah Maritime Museum and be introduced to trade routes among numerous other educational and entretaining activities.

At Sharjah Archeology Museum, they will explore the country’s agriculture history and its development, while "Be an Archeologist" activity teaches children about the most important archeological discoveries and about the art of rock and pottery carving in the Stone Age.

Through a hands-on experience with Sharjah Aquarium’s team members, children will know all that is new about the country’s marine life and its species, while learning about Islamic coins and pharmacology at Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization.

Among a wide array of topics at Sharjah Science Museum, children will learn about sciences of excavation, film industry and renewable energies.

Sharjah Museums Authority called on parents to visit its website and learn more about its summer offering.


WAM/Esraa Ismail