UAE pavilion at Beijing Horticultural Expo 2019 wins ‘Best Outdoor Park Award’

BEIJING, 9th October, 2019 (WAM) -- The UAE pavilion at the Beijing Horticultural Expo 2019 was awarded the "Best Outdoor Park Award."

Mansour Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Director-General of the National Media Council, NMC, praised the pavilion’s achievement, which reflects the belief of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan that agriculture is a cornerstone of sustainable development.

Al Mansouri said that the UAE’s leadership is continuing to develop the country’s agricultural sector, in line with national strategies, as it is a tool for achieving economic development and diversification, adding that the award highlights the future strategic vision adopted by the country’s leadership to develop the agricultural sector and is proof of the persistence of Emirati citizens in overcoming environmental challenges posed by a tough climate.

Al Mansouri stressed that the participation of the UAE in the expo reflects its keenness to reinforce its strategic partnership with China, noting that the pavilion was offered to China, in light of the leadership’s appreciation of their strong strategic ties.

The award was received by Dr. Rashid Khalfan Al Nuaimi, UAE Pavilion Commissioner-General, in the presence of the Secretary-General of the International Gardening Organisation and several diplomats and officials in Beijing.

The UAE pavilion, which has an area of 1,850 cubic metres or 80 percent of the park, showcases the development of agriculture in the UAE, based on the legacy of Sheikh Zayed in greening the desert, and includes 36 palm trees, as well as 146 varieties of trees from 20 other species, 2,500 plants and 5,924 vegetable varieties.


WAM/Esraa Ismail/Nour Salman