FIRST Global Challenge is key to UAE’s efforts for talents empowerment: UAE ministers

  • "فيرست جلوبال" محطة جديدة لتأكيد ريادة الإمارات في تمكين المواهب
  • "فيرست جلوبال" محطة جديدة لتأكيد ريادة الإمارات في تمكين المواهب
  • "فيرست جلوبال" محطة جديدة لتأكيد ريادة الإمارات في تمكين المواهب

DUBAI, 19th October, 2019 (WAM) -- For the first time in the Arab region, Dubai is hosting the FIRST Global challenge, the largest event of its kind to develop students’ skills in fields of Artificial Intelligence, AI, and robotics.

The hosting of this event is a testament to the UAE’s efforts towards creating an environment that promotes youth empowerment and fosters a culture of innovation and creativity.

Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, Jamila Al Muhairi, Minister of State for Public Education, and Dr. Ahmed bin Abdullah Humaid Belhoul Al Falasi stressed that the development of young talents and empowering them with the necessary tools and skills-sets to contribute to the growth of a nation is a strategic move by the UAE government to ensure its advancement in all sectors.

The UAE team participating in this year’s challenge comprises seven high school students: Shouq Al Dhanhani and Sheikha Al Soreidi from Dibba School in Dibba Al Fujairah, Hamad Albedwawi, Abdullah Ameen, Abdulrahman Al Kaabi, Ghazi Al Shareef and Mohamed Elashkar, from Rashid Bin Saeed School in Hatta.

Al Hammadi said that Dubai's playing host to the FIRST Global Challenge is a great addition and a real gain, as it contributes to strengthening the country's leadership position as an important hub in this vital area, especially as we can see its accelerated and increasing pace and impact in human progress, improving lifestyles and addressing pressing issues in several areas.

He stated that the FIRST Global Challenge is a global platform that brings together the best innovations and practices in this field, and contributes to highlighting its various fields of application as well as publicising its importance, in addition, to being an important opportunity for exchanging experiences while competing in finding innovative solutions in key sectors.

He added that the Ministry of Education has given significant attention and support to this field and integrated it in the modern education system across the UAE as part of the development of the education sector.

He pointed out that the ministry focused on enhancing its role in the development of students' skills in mathematics, science and physics. This was reinforced through curricula focused on robotics and AI, in addition to providing a supportive environment by building robotics laboratories in schools, and the adoption of a series of local robotics competitions, and enhancing attendance and participation of students in relevant regional and international competitions.

Al Muhairi affirmed that the UAE is establishing its global position in the fields of innovation and AI by empowering the youth with the skills and tools of the future allowing them to optimally employ advanced technologies in overcoming global challenges.

"The FIRST Global Challenge is an important opportunity for our students and scientists to acquire future expertise and skills in the field of AI and robotics, which has become the future of the world in various sectors, as technology has become an effective tool to find solutions to various global challenges, but it requires advanced expertise and skills," he said.

"In turn, we have developed the National Program for Advanced Skills strategy to emphasize our keenness to provide all members of the community with the necessary skills, including scientific and technological skills as part of a set of 12 skills aimed at guiding the national cadre towards dealing with changes and keeping pace with advances across the world, by entrenching the principle of lifelong learning among all members of society and transforming it into a culture that is passed on from one generation to the other," he added.

He stressed that the FIRST Global Challenge is in line with the UAE's efforts to expand the scientific research base and create local practical solutions and to make a serious contribution to finding solutions to the problems facing the world.

Taking place on the 24th to the 27th of October at the Dubai Festival Arena, and organised by the Dubai Future Foundation, the third edition of FIRST Global focuses on the environment with the theme of "Ocean Opportunities". Over 1500 youth from 191 countries unite as one through their passion for STEM to solve for global environmental challenges.