Thursday 02 December 2021 - 8:56:25 pm

UAE ranks first in Arab world in ‘National Trademark Report 2019’

  • الإمارات الأولى عربيا وتتصدر دول المنطقة في تقرير
  • الإمارات الأولى عربيا وتتصدر دول المنطقة في تقرير

DUBAI, 17th December, 2019 (WAM) -- The UAE ranked first in the Middle East and North Africa, MENA, region this year in the "National Trademark Report 2019," issued by Brand Finance.

The report tracks the most valuable and most influential national brands from the world’s top 100 countries and measures their strength and value, with a focus on goods, services, investment and society.

The UAE is ranked among the ten most powerful countries in the ranking, placing sixth globally, followed by Finland, Japan, the US and Denmark.

The country also ranked 20th in the world and first in the Arab world and the Middle East in terms of the most valuable brand, surpassing Belgium, Singapore, Denmark and Finland.

"Competitiveness is now an essential part of the UAE’s work system and lifestyle, and it ranks first in many indicators and reports from around the world," said Hanan Ahli, Executive Director of the Competitiveness Sector at the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority.

She added that the UAE’s results reflect its years of dedication and continuous work to achieve the vision of its leadership to create a stimulating investment environment and a strong economic infrastructure, which will attract foreign investment.

Al Ahli affirmed that according to the report, China, which ranked second in terms of value of its national brand amounting to US$1947 trillion, has narrowed the gap between itself and the US, which topped the ranking with a total brand value of $2775 trillion, followed by Germany with $485 trillion. The value of the Japanese brand increased by 26 percent, reaching $453 trillion, surpassing the UK that ranked fifth with $385 trillion, affected by the repercussions of its exit from the European Union, EU.

She also noted that the report monitored a significant rise in the average national brand value of countries with developing economies of 13.9 percent, compared to only 0.4 percent achieved by advanced economies in 2019.

The report also confirmed that the UAE achieved a rating of AAA.


WAM/Nour Salman/Hassan Bashir