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Abu Dhabi Customs launches economic stimulus package to support importers

ABU DHABI, 5th May, 2020 (WAM) -- The General Administration of Abu Dhabi Customs launched today a package of economic incentives to support importers in Abu Dhabi and to mitigate the consequences of the current exceptional circumstances as a transit gateway for all vital sectors.

The stimulus package falls within the framework of Abu Dhabi government initiatives to preserve the national gains and support the vital sectors and companies, especially small and medium ones.

The incentives included postponing the payment of customs duties of importers for 90 days through facilities accounts that opened to customers of Abu Dhabi Customs, under which the payment of customs duties due on goods entered into the country is postponed for 3 months from the date of the customs statement in addition to accepting institutional guarantees instead of bank guarantees for customer accounts by granting the feature of institutional security to companies whereas the guarantee value of customs duties for import, temporary and transit data is determined by a request and a guarantee letter issued by the company that desires to obtain this feature.

The incentives also included pre-clearance services prior to shipment arrival through the possibility of clearing goods before they arrive in the country through the customs operations system, which would save time and costs on companies as well as self-clearance services that allow companies to clear their shipments themselves without resorting to a customs clearance under the controls Customs licences, in addition to licensing bond warehouses with no fees, companies can issue a customs warehouse licence without the need to pay licence fees at present, and they can regulate the data of bond and take out from customs warehouses without the need to pay service fees.

The incentives included the extension of the transit period from 3 to 5 days where companies can move their shipments according to the status of customs transit up to 5 days for the purposes of the arrival of the goods to their destination in addition to the cancellation of the insurance refund fee for the temporary entry insurance by simply paying the service fee of AED 50 for a temporary re-export of goods entered under the temporary enter status.

Rashed Bin Lahej Al Mansoori, Director-General of the General Administration of Abu Dhabi Customs, said that the economic incentives package comes within the framework of Abu Dhabi government efforts to support continuously the economic system and companies, especially small and medium ones, in order to enhance the competitiveness of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and ensure business continuity for companies in all sectors.

WAM/MOHD AAMIR/Tariq alfaham