Thursday 02 December 2021 - 8:31:14 pm

Indian media hails Hope Probe

From Krishnan Nayar NEW DELHI, 21st July, 2020 (WAM) – The launch of the Hope Probe to explore Mars by the UAE has been welcomed in public discourse across India with enthusiasm.

The Times of India created an infographic which was published in all its editions across India this morning. It details the space mission’s objectives and recalls for readers Mars missions, past and present.

The Indian Express explained the latest Mars mission with a catchy standfirst: "UAE's hope is on its way." The newspaper explained Hope Probe’s launch date thus: "The end of July 2020 offers a launch window during which Earth and Mars will be aligned at their closest points in two years, which means using less fuel to reach the planet. If a spacecraft is launched too early or too late, it will arrive in the planet’s orbit when the planet is not there."

It noted that "Hope was developed by UAE scientists. It is the UAE’s fourth space mission and the first interplanetary one."

The Pioneer, one of India’s oldest newspapers where Sir Winston Churchill was a war correspondent and Rudyard Kipling was as Assistant Editor, carried an editorial with the title, "The race for Mars."

It said: "While launching such space missions of discovery is par for the course for many space powers, including India, this is the first such advanced satellite launch by the UAE. Several of the seven Emirates that make up that nation have pinned hopes and dreams of establishing their own spaceports for commercial space travel."

The editorial concluded that "as the UAE sends its first space probe to Mars, it is time the world launches a project for humans to land on the red planet."

The Print published the news with the attractive headline: "UAE sends Hope to Mars in the Arab world’s first mission to the Red Planet." It noted that the UAE mission’s "name was selected from citizen nominations and voting. Interestingly, three of the core nine leads for this mission are women."

Describing the UAE’s space plans, The Print wrote: "The UAE has been steadily making progress in expanding into space as a part of its knowledge-based economy. The first Emirati to go to space, Hazza al-Mansouri, flew in September last year as part of a three-member crew, to the International Space Station, where he became the first Arab on board."

In a curtain-raiser on the launch of the Hope Probe, Hindustan Times said, "the UAE is on the verge of creating history and joining an elite club of nations." It noted that the UAE is the first country in the Arab world and only the fifth in the world to have successfully sent missions to orbit the Mars.

The public commented on several websites about the UAE’s scientific achievement. "Hope such news inspire people and move towards progress," wrote reader Ilias on The Times of India’s digital site.

"Great feat for a young country! In fifty years they have achieved unbelievable scale of development in human history," wrote B. Johnson. "Well done team UAE. Hope you will achieve all the mission objectives. Wish you all the best," added Prashant.