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DCT Abu Dhabi launches ‘Register of Cultural Organisations and Professionals’

ABU DHABI, 23rd November, 2020 (WAM) -- The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, DCT Abu Dhabi, has announced its latest initiative aimed at supporting the growth of the emirate’s cultural ecosystem.

Launching on 23rd November, the ‘Register of Cultural Organisations and Professionals’, ROCOP, will provide new opportunities for both individuals and entities operating in the cultural sphere to network, expand their outreach and collaborate with DCT Abu Dhabi.

Any Abu Dhabi-based organisation or professional that performs culture-related economic activity can apply for inclusion on the ROCOP, if they hold a valid licence to perform their activities in Abu Dhabi, and their practice focusses on one or more specified cultural activities, such as: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Audio-visual and Multimedia, Architecture, Advertising, Arts and Crafts, Heritage, Archives, Libraries, Books and Press, etc.

This initiative comes within the framework of enhancing Abu Dhabi’s cultural environment, by providing a platform to collaborate, attract potential sponsors and promoters, expand outreach, and to cooperate DCT Abu Dhabi in cultural projects, as well as receive the latest updates on cultural projects and opportunities at both the local and international levels.

DCT Abu Dhabi will also use the ROCOP to seek input on its future initiatives, ensuring they are designed to meet the needs of the emirate’s cultural and creative industries and professions.

"Aligning with our Culture Sector strategy and the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, we have created the ‘Register of Cultural Organisations and Professionals’ to support and further enhance the emirate’s cultural and creative industries and service providers," said Saood Al Hosani, Acting Undersecretary of DCT Abu Dhabi.

"It is incredibly important that cultural organisations and professionals are provided with adequate support and resources, as well as continuous opportunities to raise standards across the sector. The local cultural ecosystem is hugely valuable to our proposition of Abu Dhabi as a destination of distinction for both residents and visitors, and this initiative will serve to grow what is already a vibrant and flourishing sector of our society," he added.

Cultural organisations and professionals can apply via the Abu Dhabi Culture website at


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