Sunday 29 May 2022 - 12:45:26 am

UAEU and Japan's Akita University establish collaboration to co-develop new CMPWT technology

ALAIN, 11th December, 2021 (WAM) -- A team of researchers from the United Arab ‎Emirates University and Akita University in ‎Japan are developing a new technology for ‎Ceramic Membrane-based Produced Water ‎Treatment (CMPWT)‎.

Within the framework of the strategic ‎partnership, research cooperation and student ‎exchange between the United Arab Emirates ‎University UAEU and Akita University in ‎Japan, which began in 2018, a team of ‎researchers and innovators in the joint ‎laboratory between the Department of ‎Geosciences, College of Science, UAEU - and ‎Akita University in Japan enabled to use of a ‎new water treatment technology based on ‎ceramic membranes, and an advanced ‎technological device that separates water from ‎oil, to remove solid impurities and particles ‎known as "Ceramic Membrane-based ‎Produced Water Treatment Technology ‎‎(CMPWT)".

In the presence of Prof. Hakim ‎Saibi, Department of Geosciences, College of ‎Science, researchers and experts: Nakamura Arata, Kawamura Kazuyuki, ‎and Ikeda Keisuke, representatives of the ‎Japanese companies of oil, gas and water ‎sector: INPEX and JOGMEC, and a number of ‎researchers and students in the joint laboratory ‎on the university campus‏.‏ Prof. Hakim Saibi, Department of Geosciences, ‎College of Science, explained, "The Ceramic ‎Membrane-based Produced Water Treatment ‎Technology (CMPWT) is an emerging ‎technology for removing oil and particulates ‎from oily water and it will be presented to ‎students and researchers. This technology ‎improves the quality of water and its use for ‎agricultural and industrial purposes‏.‏ Nakamura Arata said that this modern ‎technology, which is currently being developed ‎by a joint team between the UAEU and Akita ‎University in Japan, is unique and will serve the ‎oil, gas and energy sector in the country. He ‎stressed that companies are developing it to be ‎economically feasible and serve the oil and gas ‎sector to protect the environment and make ‎effective use of heavy water in uses that ‎achieve sustainability and preserve ‎environment and agriculture.‎

WAM/Hassan Bashir