Saturday 25 March 2023 - 9:28:41 am

Emirates Health Services launches World’s first healthcare Metaverse

DUBAI, 25th January, 2022 (WAM) -- Emirates Health Services (EHS) has launched the world’s first Healthcare Metaverse platform – MetaHealth – showcasing the pilot version of the project at the Arab Health 2022 exhibition.

The platform allows users to enter the virtual world using only their smart devices. This is particularly useful for ‘People of Determination’ – a top priority in the UAE – where MetaHealth offers a solution for those unable to physically commute to one of the EHS Customer Happiness Centres.

Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to experience MetaHealth at the EHS booth, exploring its ability to deliver healthcare services that exceed expectations, adapt to future requirements and challenges, and promote happiness and wellbeing in the community. They will be able to teleport themselves into the MetaHealth world and choose to speak with doctors, health professionals, or representatives of three major hospitals in Dubai.

Mubaraka Ibrahim, Acting Chief Information Officer of Information Sector at Emirates Health Services, said, "Launching the world’s first Healthcare Metaverse platform demonstrates Emirates Health Services’ commitment to our mission, where we aim to improve customers’ experience, promote wellbeing and happiness at the national level, and embed advanced technologies into healthcare services to better serve patients and bring the sector firmly into the future. This, in turn, resonates with Dubai and the UAE’s ambitions to embrace avant-garde technology and lead the way into better, more prosperous societies."

"The platform helps create a more inclusive environment in the sector, in line with the UAE’s ambitions for a more inclusive, engaging, enjoyable, and fair nation," he added.

The platform was designed to ensure easy access with a few simple steps. Customers can then interact within the 3D virtual world: they can virtually meet each other or immerse themselves in virtual activities.

WAM/MOHD AAMIR/Hazem Hussein