Saturday 26 November 2022 - 5:13:03 pm

ZHO, Czech Rehabilitation Hospital sign cooperation agreement

  • تعاون بين مؤسسة زايد العليا لأصحاب الهمم والمستشفى التشيكي للعلاج التأهيلي
  • تعاون بين مؤسسة زايد العليا لأصحاب الهمم والمستشفى التشيكي للعلاج التأهيلي

ABU DHABI, 25th September, 2022 (WAM) -- Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination (ZHO) has signed a cooperation agreement with the Czech Rehabilitation Hospital (CRH), managed by Royal Health Group (RHG), with the aim of cementing a strategic partnership between them and providing medical and rehabilitative services for ZHO's people of determination.

The cooperation agreement was signed by Abdullah Abdul Ali Al Humaidan, ZHO's Secretary-General, and Dr. Mohammed Badr Al Seiari, CRH's Chairman and CEO. The signing ceremony, which was held at ZHO's headquarters, was attended by a host of leaders from both sides.

Under the agreement, ZHO identifies its intended beneficiaries in need of CRH's medical services and consultations and follows up with their families. CRH receives the beneficiaries and provides them with the necessary support, medical care and health and awareness programmes. It provides ZHO with medical and clinical reports for each case and their data, in addition to a licensed medical, therapeutic and nursing staff to provide the agreed services, and fully-equipped clinics. It provides support and consultations while identifying benchmarks of indicators of people of determination.

In that regard, CRH will provide occupational, mental health and speech therapy services to the targeted students of determination, as well as medical consultations, at one of the inpatient clinics at ZHO's Al Ain Autism Centre in Al Ain.

Al Humaidan welcomed the signing of the agreement with CRH, which provides distinct medical and therapy care, constantly develops innovative therapy methods, and provides the best medical services to the UAE community. "The agreement complements ZHO's services within the diverse care and rehabilitation system provided to its members, based on the strategic goals and the shared vision on social responsibility in achieving sustainable social development and building a sustainable healthy society, and in light of the efforts made in the areas of health coverage and humanitarian care for ZHO's members of determination," he said.

He added, "ZHO pays great attention to the quality of all services provided to beneficiaries of determination. It regularly works through its supportive plans, qualitative initiatives and national strategies on improving services provided to people of determination, and facilitating appropriate means to support their comfort and prosperity."

Dr. Mohammed Badr Al Seiari, Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive officer of CRH, expressed his happiness at this cooperation to provide rehabilitation services to ZHO. "CRH continues to supports people of determination, as the hospital includes more than 75 medical suites and rooms for inpatients, 6 Huge gymnasiums, more than 40 single treatment rooms for physiotherapy and occupational therapy, rooms for hydrotherapy, magnetic resonance devices (MRI), and laboratories"

"Investing in community health, for young and old, is one of the sustainable government strategies that represent an essential element in the agenda of the Abu Dhabi government and have been considerably supported since the establishment of the union until this day, and accordingly, this agreement comes to represent the needed model of integration and collaboration between national institutions in government and private sectors for the optimal use of resources urged by our visionary government," he added.

WAM/Khoder Nashar