Friday 29 September 2023 - 12:14:09 am

Mohammed says Arab world needs will to introduce change --1st Add

Mohammed says Arab world needs will to introduce change --1st Add xxx xxxx "Our Arab world lived in the midst of crises, problems, and unrest for about a century. Many of us are used to blame the failure of development on those crises and foreign influence. It is time to get rid of this habit. Crises may slow down the development, or postpone some programes. But they can also be an added incentive to success and realization of objectives.

I cannot see why a crisis, no matter how severe, could delay an economic, administrative, or legislative reform, or a pIan to mitigate illiteracy.

What have foreign relations to do with the continuous application of legislation belonging to the Ottoman age? What have they got to do with the making the life of citizens and applicants difficult by government offices. What is the relation between foreign factors and th spread of corruption, appearance of cliques and centers of influence? In the year 2020 he Arab population will become approx. 400 million. The Arab world will need dozens of millions of new jobs, and hundreds of billion dollars to spend on the infrastructure. It will need huge efforts to eradicate illiteracy, develop education, and narrow the gap of knowledge with the world. These needs cannot be met with the concepts and methods that led the Arab world to its current situation.

I say to the govmments attend to your responsibilities, perform your duties in legislation, organization, supervision, and provide an atmosphere of work for the private se tor, and protect it from the claws of power centres and tribute imposers.

I say to my fellow Arabs in charge: if you do not change, you will be changed. If you do not initiate radical changes to restore respect to public duties, uphold the principles of lucidity, justice, and responsibility, your peoples will resent you, and the verdict of history on you will be severe.

To conclude, I would! like to point out that many people have a confused impression about forums held in our area. Some may consider them an occasion for theorization, big talk, and. resonant statements, since our area is considered 'replete with dreams and fancies, poor in action and achievement.

Here is a message for all of us. We have to stop talking about dreams, what must, and what must not be. We have to start: talking about procedures, budgets, projects, dates of completion and details of delivery. This is what I expect of this forum. Its message is to provide a serious platform for the Arab world, with the aim of drawing long term strategies, to initiate work partnership, devise new measures leading to real commitments We want to move confidently to the year 2020. and you are capable of building that confidence. " WAM-VV 15 25 CCCCQQE