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Arab and foreign documentaries vying for Anasy Award

WAM Abu Dhabi, May 18th, 2008 (WAM) -- The Grand Jury of the Documentary Films Awards 2008 ?Document Your talent? organized by Anasy Media Production and presented by Anasy and Sama Dubai TV from March 26 ? May 12 2008, will commence on Monday the evaluation of 14 documentaries from 18 Arab and foreign countries.

''The Documentary Film Awards is the first initiative of its kind, honoring documentary filmmakers and allowing a solid platform for competition and gathering. The preliminary competition was launched from May 10 to May 14 during which the jury has reviewed around 80 films and 40 films were disqualified for non-compliance with the 30-min duration, or subtitle or the low technical and art levels?, Dhekra Ouali, Director of the Documentary Film Award. said: ?The evaluation of the documentaries gave us the chance for a closer look at the suffering of some Arab nations such as Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq and the various and diverse Arab civilizations enriched with culture, art and history.

''Several participation from Lebanon and Iraq were endangered with risks as some Lebanese participants couldn?t send their films due to the closure of Rafiq Al Hariri International Airport during the recent events in Lebanon and Iraq,? she noted.

The reviewed films were featured with high-tech filming techniques and good scenarios which attracted the audience and invalidate the claims that documentary films are usually long and boring. The nominated films were distinctive with many appealing elements in terms of picture, sound and story.

The jury pointed out that films participating in first edition of the Documentary Films Award were surprising in terms of theme and artistic quality, additionally representing all trends and international documentary experiences.

The number of participating countries were increased to 18 led by UAE, Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Brazil, France, Palestine, Kosovo, Iran, KSA, Iraq, Kuwait, Sudan, Belgium and Australia.

Among the qualified states for finals which will be viewed by the Grand Jury are UAE, KSA, Tunisia, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and the UK.

?The winning films will be announced in a grand ceremony organized under the patronage and in the presence of H.E Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, at the Emirates Palace on May 22,? she added.

Each winner in the Documentary Film will receive a special and distinct trophy in crystal and metal. The Grand Prize and ?Sheikh Zayed? category winner will receive the golden trophy, the second and third winner will receive the silver and bronze trophies, while other categories trophies will bear Anasy Media Production?s logo in red.

The trophy reflects the magnitude of the Award and the competition where multimedia is employed to serve documentary films industry. It?s worth to mention that the trophy is a piece of art as crystal forms 99% of its volume, designed and made by the most skilful Lebanese artists.

The crystal trophy symbolizes the shining rays that inspired the film maker from the normal daily life with the same transparency as the crystal, emphasizing on the shimmer of documentary that never fades just like the crystal. The metal is the heart of the trophy and represents the value and quintessence of the documentary films inspired by the spirit of the event, human soul, nature and occasionally the spirit of the street.

The Documentary Film contest ? 2008 ?Document Your talent? which will be held every two years is the first of its kind worldwide and the highest in terms of awards value. In the first edition, the amount of AED 1.050.000 will be given away to winners. The first standing "Grand prize" is valued at AED 500,000.

This competition aims at supporting and motivating gifted and innovative youth, amateurs and professionals on documentary filmmaking and to enter this fruitful and genuine field in the UAE which has never been dealt in such depth by any authority before Anasy Media Production. The competition is open to all ages and nationalities thus encouraging participation and enhancing the cultural, artistic and creative levels, as well as films that participated before or didn?t participate in other contests. The conditions were that the film duration to be minimum 30 min. and to provide an English subtitle.