ENEC Board of Directors approves formation of Nawah energy company

ENEC Board of Directors approves formation of Nawah energy company

ABU DHABI, 17th May, 2016 (WAM) -- The Board of Directors of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, ENEC, has given approval for the formation of Nawah energy company (Nawah), a wholly-owned operating subsidiary of ENEC, which will be mandated to safely operate and maintain Barakah Units 1-4.

According to an announcement of the Corporation, the Board of Directors has mandated ENEC management to proceed with the formation of the operating company and to ensure the transfer and provision of all required resources in this regard.

The formation of Nawah as ENEC’s subsidiary operating company will bring greater focus towards the safe and quality delivery of Units 1-4 at Barakah, according to the ENEC, which says that Nawah’s mission will be to safely and reliably generate electricity from nuclear energy. "This energy will advance the UAE’s growth, development and quality of life for future generations. Nawah aims to become a globally recognized nuclear utility in the safe operation of nuclear energy plants," it added.

The ENEC further stated that the launch of the operating subsidiary will allow the Corporation to focus on the delivery of the strategic issues related to the UAE peaceful nuclear energy programme, with a special focus on guaranteeing project delivery of the Barakah plants and the support and development of the UAE nuclear industry. ENEC will also continue to represent the interests of the Government of Abu Dhabi in the UAE's peaceful nuclear energy programme.