Abu Dhabi Federal Appeal Court sentences accused of links to Muslim Brotherhood

Abu Dhabi Federal Appeal Court sentences accused of links to Muslim Brotherhood

ABU DHABI, 29th March, 2017 (WAM) -- The Abu Dhabi Federal Appeal Court sentenced on Wednesday UAE national, N.A.G, in his presence to 10 years in jail for communicating with secret organisations linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, by creating accounts on social media and publishing photos and articles that are offensive to the state’s symbols and values, its internal and foreign policies and its relations with an Arab state.

The court ordered the confiscation of devices and tools used in the crime, and the closure of online sites that were established by the accused.

The court also sentenced UAE national, H.A.D, in his absence to 10 years in jail and an AED1 million fine, and the confiscation of seized devices in this case. It also charged him with full legal costs, after being convicted of establishing a banned political party abroad, with branches in the UAE, as well as creating accounts on the social networks, Twitter and Facebook, with the aim of harming the UAE, its values and officials, and for disseminating materials and false information that offend the UAE’s political stances.

The court then sentenced K.A.F, an Asian, to five years imprisonment, and an AED5,000 fine, as well as deportation from the UAE after the end of his sentence. It also ordered the confiscation of the seized devices, after charging him with the counterfeiting of currencies and its distribution within the nation.

The court considered a number of cases in the presence of several of the accused persons’ families and representatives the nation’s media outlets.