Saleh bin Mohammed Al Sharqi opens Fujairah Port Medical Centre

Saleh bin Mohammed Al Sharqi opens Fujairah Port Medical Centre

FUJAIRAH, 29th March, 2017 (WAM) -- Sheikh Saleh bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Fujairah Port Chairman, has opened the Fujairah Port Medical Centre and Pharmacy, which are managed by Al Sharq Healthcare, one of the companies of the Fujairah National Group.

The opening ceremony was attended by Sheikh Hamad bin Saleh bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Fujairah National Group Vice President and Chairman of Al Sharq Healthcare, as well as several senior officials from the Ministry of Health, heads of local and federal departments in the emirates, and large numbers of doctors and medical sector personnel in the UAE.

Sheikh Saleh bin Mohammed Al Sharqi toured the departments of the medical centre, accompanied by officials, directors and doctors, as Sheikh Hamad bin Saleh Al Sharqi briefed them about the centre’s advanced equipment and medical devices, and the services provided to more than 1,000 employees and workers in the port, as well as passengers.

Sheikh Hamad bin Saleh Al Sharqi stated that the cost of the project reached AED20 million, including the cost of large numbers of qualified employees and doctors, as well as accident and emergency medical department personnel. He added that the centre aims to provide diagnosis and immediate treatment services to cases that arrive directly to Fujairah Port.

He further added that the centre and pharmacy are working round the clock to provide primary health care services to all workers in port facilities, sea passengers, and sailors on ships and tankers. They also provide first aid and transfers to hospitals in cases of emergency.

Al Sharqi highlighted that the centre also provides a service to examine patients on ships to diagnose their condition and determine the need to be transferred to the clinic inside the port, to save time and effort. It also conducts tests that measure the rate of alcohol and other materials that psychologically affect sailors, which complies with an agreement with international companies on this issue. It also provides preventive services such as vaccines against diseases that are listed in international health regulations.