Arab Coalition Forces continue demolishing strongholds of "Iranian Houthi militias"

Arab Coalition Forces continue demolishing strongholds of

ADEN, 12th December, 2017 (WAM) -- With the support of the UAE Armed Forces, the troops of the Arab Coalition Forces, led by Saudi Arabia, have continued demolishing the strongholds of the Iranian Houthi militias in the area of Al Qataba, north of Al Khawkhah on the West Coast of Yemen, during a critical battle that saw the destruction of the Houthi forces, killing tens of their soldiers, mostly the Iranian Houthi leadership, while capturing hundreds.

The Arab Coalition Forces have therefore struck a painful blow to the militias.

In a statement to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, an official source stressed that an estimated 100 Iranian Houthi militia leaders were killed in air raids by the Arab Coalition, most of them field commanders, including Ali Mohammed Sulaiman Hulaisi, Nader Humaid Qassem Haikal and "Abu Malek."

The source added that an Apache Helicopter, named "The Black Fairy," by the militias, yesterday targeted and wiped out a group of around 15 rebels who were travelling to reinforce the militias at the Hays Front, led by their Lead Supply Officer, Mansour Ahmed Hamoud Jahaf, also known as "Abu Shieha."

It further added that the helicopter struck a painful blow to the militias by attacking several of their vehicles that were heading towards the Hays Front, in the largest operation against the militias following the coalition’s victory in completely liberating Al Khawkhah during their campaign in the north of Yemen’s West Coast.

The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, also today began to implement its new relief plan in Yemen, by offering assistance to the residents of the liberated areas that were occupied by the Iranian Houthi militias.