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FAHR International Conference 2018 discusses latest HR trends

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DUBAI, 16th April, 2018 (WAM) -- Under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, the 8th edition of FAHR International Conference, started today at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai, under the theme ‘Tomorrow’s HR Starts Today’.

The conference that is organised by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, FAHR, in cooperation with INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions – a member of INDEX Holding will continue for two days with the participation of 20 speakers and more than 500 experts and specialists in the HR field.

Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al Awar, Director General of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, assured in his opening speech that the 8th FAHR International Conference presents an ultimate platform for knowledge exchange and networking between government and private sectors bringing together experts in the field from the UAE, the region and the world.

He has also noted that human capital management and its development to shape a better future is one of the main concerns of our wise leadership in the United Arab Emirates.

He said, "The UAE has been a pioneer in investing in the human capital and putting it as a priority to achieve inclusive sustainable development and raise the country to globally advanced levels."

He added, "Our conference has achieved great success over the past years, highlighting the latest developments in the field of human resources. The conference features various topics revolving around the future of human resources and addresses critical issues for governments, institutions and economies in general. Through its themes, it focuses on the impact of technology in changing the role of HR, best global practices in HR, importance of setting criteria for the work environment in order to attract future talents and acquire smart HR applications."

Al Awar also noted, "In the future, there will be jobs that cannot be performed by the outcomes of the 4th Industrial Revolution of Artificial Intelligence. Routine jobs of repetitive tasks will be cancelled, while creative and non-repetitive jobs of leadership, creativity and intellectual contribution will flourish. Therefore, institutions must reflect carefully on their actual role in HR and develop their practice and professional skills to keep abreast of the rapid global developments and transformations."

As the guest of honour, Mohammad Benabdelkader, Minister Delegate to the Head of Government for the Reform of Administration and Public Service, Morocco delivered a keynote speech in the opening ceremony where he said: "I congratulate the organisers for choosing this year’s theme of "Tomorrow’s HR Starts Today". I also commend the importance of the topics featured this year that discuss the required skills for employment by 2020, the impact of technology on changing the role of HR, and the global best practices in HR, considering that these areas are a great challenge facing most of the world."

He stressed on the fact that the admiration’s failure in combating the increasing demands in the field of government services, made it necessary to look for a new model of management based on the identification of goals and the search for efficiency to achieve the best results.

He also pointed out that developing government services requires improving human resources; highlighting the fact that the modern approach of management gives human resources a greater margin for innovation and creativity, which in turn will allow the development of competencies and qualifications resulting in a notable upgrade in the services provided by governmental entities.

Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, Chairman of INDEX Holding, said, "The annual FAHR International Conference proves to be a platform for global leadership for the federal government through the introduction of modern concepts in the field of human resources, based on the best global practices, ideas, knowledge, and successful experiences."

He added, "The main strategies for human resources management involves investing in human resources as they are the source of innovation and creativity, and they are the main assets for the efficiency of any organization. With the great shift towards knowledge economy and the development of innovative new ideas, the UAE and through its wise leadership was keen to set the most appropriate measures to empower human capital as it is the key towards development."

On the first day of FAHR International Conference, leading HR experts and specialists discussed a number of interesting trends and topics in HR that are shaping the industry such as Role of HR in Leadership Development, Talent Analytics, Role of Artificial Intelligence in Enabling Strategic HR, Future of Work, Employee Engagement, HR Challenges and Future in Human Capital Strategy Development.

While giving his opening remarks on ‘Transformational HR – HR’s Metamorphosis for a Transforming World of Work’, Perry Timms, Founder & Chief Energy Officer, People and Transformational HR Ltd, said, "FAHR is certainly playing a crucial role in the development of HR in UAE’s public sector and it offers a great opportunity to reflect on the HR needs of the 21st century. During my presentation, I looked at HR as an adaptable, creative and progressive force for good in the world of work and how HR can respond to work related challenges in the future and stay ahead of the curve of change through more responsive and agile ways."

He added, "Today, both organisations and employees face various challenges such as the introduction of new disruptive technologies, nearly 50% of jobs likely facing automation, fewer people being reported as engaged at work and some professionals even suffering from stress and psychological challenges."

He further stated, "In order to create a truly modern working culture for everyone, HR will need to be a mix of art and science, design and experimentation, fairness and inclusion. In addition, HR will need to transform itself from being an order taking administrator to being more creative collaborator, energizing stimulator and an able administrator of a just and responsible organisation, enabling better working environment for everyone."

While delivering his keynote address on ‘Understanding Psychometric Testing and New Assessment Method’, Prof. Adrian Furnham, UK, Professor of Psychology, Norwegian Business School, Oslo, said, "Most HR personnel show an interest in ability and personality tests which are used in selection and training. However, it is difficult for many practitioners to keep up with the latest developments. In my paper, I briefly reviewed when and why tests can be very useful and the best criteria to choose one test over another. I also discussed the latest developments in assessment which include: Big Data Analytics; Social Media Analysis; Wearables; Mobile Phone Logs, Digital Interviews, Automated Personality Testing and Gamification."

Andrew Bryant, Author, Speaker and Global Expert on Self-Leadership and Leading Cultures, Transforming Leadership and Cultures, Singapore, elaborated on his topic ‘Lead from the Inside Out’ and said, "Developing the next generation of leaders is a strategic challenge for both federal and local governments across the UAE and it was indeed a pleasure to share my research and practice on how to develop leaders from inside-out."

He added, "Effective leadership occurs when both the leader and the follower are engaged by clear relevant goals and guided by shared values. Leaders who practice self-leadership can create workplaces that are both productive and focused on developing the next generation of leaders."

Running parallel to the conference, the exhibition showcased the latest solutions and services provided by leading HR companies and institutions while also offering a great opportunity for visitors and participants to engage with top HR professionals representing various areas and sectors.


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