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'Al-Amalaqah Brigade' advance towards Al-Barah, Yemen, amid collapse of Houthi militias - Update

YEMEN, 8th May, 2018 (WAM) -- The Al-Amalaqah Brigade (Arabic for giants) have advanced to the city of Al-Barah west of Taiz and seized control of the main roads towards the Kahbub, Al Amri, Azan, Al Mansoura, Sanfa and Al Wazi'ya fronts.

The Coalition Forces successfully cut-off the supply lines of the Iranian-backed Houthi militias after reclaiming the Mocha and Al Wazi'ya junctions and clearing militia pockets, as part of a large military operation which have resulted in heavy losses for the Houthis, both in equipment and lives.

The Saudi-led operation is being carried out with the support of the UAE Armed Forces and the support of the Yemeni National Resistance.

The forces of the Al-Amalaqah Brigade continue to advance towards Yemen's Red Sea Coast and achieve military victories against the Houthi militias resulting in crippling their capabilities and inflicting heavy losses in their ranks.

The forces headed to Al-Barah city, which is the gate of military operations towards Taiz from the western side, which, in turn, cuts off the most important supply lines for the Houthi coup militias between Maqbanah District and Taiz, after clashes with the Houthis, who suffered heavy losses.

A large-scale military operation is being carried out - by the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia to support legitimacy in Yemen, with the support of the UAE Armed Forces operating as part of the Coalition forces - at the Yemen's Red Sea Coast west of the Taiz province to take control of new areas from the militias, in an effort to continue the liberation of and secure the Red Sea Coast, and lift the siege on Taiz from the West.

WAM/Rola Alghoul/Esraa Ismail