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Aqdar World Summit to begin tomorrow in Moscow

  • انطلاق قمة أقدر العالمية في موسكو غدا
  • انطلاق قمة أقدر العالمية في موسكو غدا
  • انطلاق قمة أقدر العالمية في موسكو غدا

MOSCOW, 28th August, 2019 (WAM) -- The third edition of the Aqdar World Summit, which is set to begin tomorrow in Moscow, Russia.

Held under the theme, 'Global Empowerment of Communities: Experiences and Lessons Learned', the event aims to build empowered communities able to face challenges to achieve global peace and security.

The summit also intends to promote joint global community efforts and support governments and international institutions achieve their goals and objectives. The theme will be addressed through three main sessions, each of which will include a number of topics to be presented by distinguished UAE ministers and officials and top-notch speakers from all over the world.

The Moscow edition of the Aqdar World Summit will feature a number of scientific papers that reflect the visions and strategies of the UAE in dealing with a number of key topics. These will be discussed via 26 workshops and three youth circles organised by a number of UAE institutions and delivered by renowned experts and professionals from the UAE and abroad.

Advisor Dr. Ibrahim Al Dabal, CEO of the Khalifa Empowerment Programme-Aqdar, said, "We are truly proud and grateful for the position the summit has achieved this year and to be holding it in Moscow, Russia, for the first time. Through the Aqdar World Summit, we aim to transfer our knowledge and experience in different fields to other countries outside the UAE and that is part of our strategy to share our moral values and experiences with the world."

"To achieve sustainability in empowering communities, sharing experiences is key. We cannot comprehensively develop a strong and powerful community that is able to overcome obstacles and challenges without learning and utilising the experiences and knowledge of other countries and governments in all fields. Exchanging knowledge is the cornerstone to the development and empowerment of ambitious generations capable of building advanced and sustainable societies," he added.


WAM/Hazem Hussein/Nour Salman