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'GOV Youth Summit' to debut in UAE in March

DUBAI, 16th January, 2020 (WAM) -- With the number of youth joining workforce across the GCC, the first ever GCC focused youth-based summit, 'GOV Youth Summit', is set to debut in Dubai UAE on 2nd and 3rd March 2020.

The GCC region is facing an incredible shift in the demographics that is coined as ‘youth bulge’ where more than 60 percent of its citizens are below the age of 30. It has been predicted that the youth population is set to increase to 65 million by the end of 2030 which is currently estimated to be less than 30 million.

The GOV Youth summit is focused to strengthen cooperation, collaboration and communication between all youth development stakeholders from the region. It aims to address the challenges and provide a platform for the youth to express their views, opinions and to enhance the human capital sector of the region.

With six million millennials in the region, the country is aiming to implement policies that are aligned with innovation, technology and economic development.

The exclusive closed-door summit - themed 'Because (YOU)th Matters' - brings together market and corporate leaders, veterans in the business with the youth currently employed in government, semi government, public and private sector entities. Its objective is to provide further insight on understanding the youth workforce psychology, expectations, aspirations and work ethics in order to work towards a seamless relationship between the millennials and the company human resources and C level executives.

According to the World Economic Forum, youth unemployment stands at 11 percent in the UAE, 20 percent in Oman and the highest in Bahrain and Saudi with a scorching 27 percent.

One of the challenges faced is related to the lack of opportunities that are faced by the youth. Another challenge is the growing competition that is restricting the youth from showcasing their true talent as they are constantly compared with their peers. The curriculum undertaken by the youth is often not completely aligned with the practicalities of the respective sectors. Considering all these challenges, the GOV Youth Summit is set to voice the involvement of youth in the nation’s social reforms, the latest development and the overall economic growth.

The summit aims to eliminate the roadblock of communication between generations by creating an inclusive platform and generate an effective dialogue for the industries while providing simultaneous opportunities for veterans and strengthening the GCC workforce.

Commenting on why UAE was selected as a destination to launch the premier initiative, Ackash Jain, Director, QNA International, the organiser for the summit says "The UAE economy is witnessing a tremendous growth in the recent years where great emphasis is given to aspects such as future of work, technology, global trade, tourism, education, business and infrastructure. "

The UAE is emerging as a global powerhouse with an increase in the millennial and Gen-Z population reaching over nine million, he noted.

Jain continued, "Amongst this, 7.5 million are millennials and Gen-Z group. In line with the vision 2021 National Agenda where UAE aims to grow as a global economy and continue to be resilient and adaptive through the dominance of the youth, we believe that launching the initiative in Dubai will be the perfect foundation to bring the youth and millennials working across GCC to come together for a platform exclusively dedicated to the future of work for the leaders of tomorrow."

WAM/ /Nour Salman