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Abu Dhabi Government launches 'Digital Month' initiative

ABU DHABI, 11th March, 2020 (WAM) -- The Abu Dhabi Government launched on Wednesday the 'Digital Month' initiative in a bid to further drive the UAE leadership's vision to utilise information technology to better serve the community and advance government services.

The newly launched initiative comes within the efforts exerted by various government entities in Abu Dhabi to enhance customer experience through innovative digital services and solutions.

Government entities today provide more than 1,000 government services across various digital channels, which amounts to more than eight million transactions that were digitally completed during the past year. Digital transformation provides added value at different levels, as it saves more than 300,000 days of work and 16 million customer visits for government employees.

As part of this month, the Abu Dhabi Government invites the public to make the most of digital services and contribute to the continuous development of these platforms. Using these services and sharing feedback through digital channels serves to enrich customer experience.

Commenting on the initiative launch, Ali Al Ketbi, Chairman of the Department of Government Support - Abu Dhabi, said, "The Digital Month initiative is a continuation of the efforts made by Abu Dhabi’s government entities throughout the years to enhance the digital future in the emirate."

He explained that Digital Month provides an ideal opportunity to highlight the level government entities in Abu Dhabi have reached in digital transformation while keeping pace with future requirements.

"In 2020, many digital initiatives will be completed, which will be launched and implemented under the umbrella of the Digital Month initiative, through which a new concept will be explored to provide government services to enhance customer experience, by employing modern and connected technologies such as, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology," Al Ketbi added.

The official stressed that all government entities in Abu Dhabi have been working together for months to place the latest and greatest digital customer experiences in the hands of customers, effortlessly. He also pointed out that the Digital Month initiative calls upon everyone to work together to make Abu Dhabi a better place to live and invest in.

Al Ketbi explained that the main goal of Abu Dhabi Government’s creation of advanced digital for its residents, is to promote economic and social development and raise the level of efficiency of government services provided to all citizens and residents in Abu Dhabi.

The Digital Month initiative is a unique undertaking to highlight the benefits of online services as compared to traditional visits to government offices.

The initiative, under the slogan '#TimeForYou', aims to emphasise the role that digital solutions and services play in providing more time for members of society, allowing them to focus more on positive aspects in their everyday lives.

The objectives of the initiative revolve around informing the public of the multiple benefits that each member of society will gain through digital services. Instead of spending time visiting government entities, everyone in Abu Dhabi has a highly viable and convenient alternative already in place in the palm of their hands or on the desk in their study. In the form of mobile apps and secure websites offered by a multitude of government departments, the average Abu Dhabi resident can already take advantage of such convenient time-saving options.

This new initiative emphasises the role that an inclusive and accessible government can play in boosting convenience, allowing consumers to save time and focus on things that matter most to them. It also reviews the proactive steps taken by the Abu Dhabi Government to enhance the digital services system aimed at enhancing the quality of life for all members of society in the emirate.

The Abu Dhabi Government Services ecosystem 'Tamm' is an example of the efforts made by the Abu Dhabi Government to advance the digital transformation in Abu Dhabi. Tamm, through cooperation with all government entities in Abu Dhabi, harnesses the latest technologies and digital solutions to provide a smooth service experience for customers. It provides all Abu Dhabi residents with high quality and efficient government services through an integrated and safe digital platform.

This initiative reflects the government entities’ commitment and support to amplify the core convenience message of leveraging digital inclusivity to support Abu Dhabi Plan and Vision 2030.