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DEWA raises awareness among students on conservation including latest technologies

  • كهرباء ومياه دبي تعزز وعي الطلبة حول ثقافة الترشيد وأحدث التقنيات
  • كهرباء ومياه دبي تعزز وعي الطلبة حول ثقافة الترشيد وأحدث التقنيات

DUBAI, 11th September 2020 (WAM) - Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) organised a series of online workshops and lectures to raise awareness among students participating in the online enrichment summer camp organised by the Ministry of Education in Dubai.

The workshops focus on protection of resources through a responsible lifestyle in using electricity and water, in addition to enriching their knowledge of the latest technologies.

DEWA organised the programme in Arabic and English for four weeks. Nearly 1,300 primary and secondary students from public and private schools participated in these workshops. DEWA’s conservation team highlighted best practices in conservation and waste reduction, with incentives and contests to celebrate the most practical conservation methods. DEWA’s innovation team also organised introductory workshops on international standards, copyrights, knowledge management, digital information, 3D printing, among other technologies.

"DEWA strives to utilise the vacation season to raise awareness on the importance of protecting the environment and the sustainability of natural resources. We attach great importance to the next generation because they are tomorrow’s leaders and the cornerstone of our comprehensive sustainable development. We are committed to raise their environmental awareness in an educational way. We believe our students are the next generation of experts and leaders who will implement the ambitious national strategies and plans to support the Dubai Carbon Abatement Strategy to reduce 16% of carbon emissions by 2021; and the Demand Side Management Strategy to reduce 30% of the electricity and water demand by 2030. Throughout the year, we organise a series of initiatives and programmes to encourage all society members on adopting conservation to become a daily practice and culture for all," said Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA.

"DEWA partners with different public and private organisations to consolidate social responsibility and prepare an educated generation that is aware of the latest technologies. This achieves its vision to become a globally leading sustainable innovative corporation. DEWA’s partnership with the Ministry of Education is an ideal example of the cooperation between national organisations that have a vision for sustainable development to ensure the next generation’s right to enjoy a healthy, clean and safe environment, and a sustainable heritage, infrastructure and sustainable practices to protect the environment," added Al Tayer.

WAM/Hassan Bashir