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MoHAP to launch 'Tatmeen' Platform to secure healthcare supply chains

DUBAI, 21st September, 2020 (WAM) -- The Ministry of Health and Prevention, MoHAP, has announced the development of a new digital platform "Tatmeen", a track-and-trace platform for the country’s healthcare sector to fortify and secure healthcare supply chains.

As a first for the region, "Tatmeen" will use advanced serialisation and tracing technology to track medicines from production to end-use. MoHAP is partnering with EVOTEQ, a UAE-based digital solution provider for the development and operations of the platform.

The solution will enable tracking of pharma products through their journey in the supply chain on a single integrated digital platform, promoting trust and transparency in the healthcare industry from end-to-end. It will also help MoHAP tackle challenges such as counterfeit or expired medical supplies and unauthorised products.

Regulatory authorities will be able to use "Tatmeen" to assist them in their mission to prevent the entry of counterfeit or unauthorised medicines into the country using a web portal and mobile.

The platform will also empower consumers to be able to verify products at the point of purchase allowing them to avoid unapproved and counterfeit medicine, providing visibility on product origins, safety, and validity through a unique, serialised 2-D matrix bar code.

Awad Saghir Al Ketbi, Assistant Under-Secretary of the Support Services for MoHAP stated that "Tatmeen" will be based on an advanced track and trace product for pharmaceuticals which will serve as the core serialisation repository. With the use of advanced technology and standards, the solution will ensure greater accountability from participants in the healthcare supply chain and accelerate our ability to trace drugs at every point of the supply chain.

Mubaraka M. Ibrahim Director of Information Technology for MOHAP, noted that Tatmeen will be built using best of breed technology components which will enable speed of transaction processing, agility to change and adapt to new scenarios and deliver a highly secure mechanism to trace drugs from point of manufacture to the point of consumption.

The platform will be designed considering the future needs of the UAE healthcare market and integrated with the existing services provided by MoHAP.

Jihad Tayara, CEO of EVOTEQ said, "We are proud to be working with MoHAP to fulfil their ambitions of establishing a smart healthcare system in the country, offering our expertise and our established Smart Track solution to solve critical challenges and facilitate a seamless, efficient means of information exchange between everyone involved."

WAM/Esraa Ismail/Hazem Hussein