Friday 17 September 2021 - 11:55:10 pm

ADIHEX 2021 announces guidelines for submissions of paintings, handicrafts

ABU DHABI, 13th February, 2021 (WAM) -- The Higher Organising Committee of the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX 2021) has provided painting content guidelines for artists interested in participating in the event which will be held from 27th September to 3rd October, 2021, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

ADIHEX hosts visual artists, photographers, painters, calligraphers and art designers, in addition to local and international art galleries that showcase masterfully crafted artwork in a variety of techniques that express various schools of art, including realism, abstract and modern. The event themes revolve around the desert and marine environments, as well as hunting issues and challenges, with the theme this year being, "Sustainability and Heritage.. A Reborn Aspiration".

Through the ADIHEX website, artists must provide profile information, their art portfolio, as well as an overview of the artworks illustrating the artist’s experience, along with an introductory paragraph about each artwork their intend to present.

Art galleries must include the name of all artists along with a brief overview about the artwork displayed under their names. Artists must state the price of each work in a final price list that is to be sent to the Organising Committee to be used as a reference in the exhibition.

The exhibition management also said it encourages artists to paint wildlife, especially falcons, horses, rabbits and other wild animals, including their natural habitats and environment in the wild, and any other topics related to the exhibition theme. It also encourages artists to contribute through the highly important cultural message of the artwork to represent the dangers threatening wildlife while strengthening efforts to protect it, while also preserving cultural heritage.

To inspire the artists and unleash their creative imaginations, the Organising Committee is sharing an image gallery for their reference that they can access on ADIHEX website.

Artists must send photos of their artwork along with an introductory overview no later than August 15th, 2021, via e-mail. Unfinished artwork may be submitted as well. The Committee will announce the list of artworks approved by August 30th, 2021.

An arts and crafts guideline is also available on the exhibition website. It aims at introducing the cultural, civilizational and environmental heritage of our ancestors and the importance of preserving wildlife. It also highlights the important role that these forms of art play in environmental awareness. In addition, it documents the sports of falconry and equestrian, which has a strong connection with Arab heritage and human civilisation.

All artworks are subject to the requirements set in the Arts and Crafts Sector Guidelines by the Organising Committee. In addition, all artworks must be related to this year's theme, "Sustainability and Heritage.. A Reborn Aspiration".

Furthermore, artists are required to send a video clip of themselves creating the artworks that they wish to submit no later than July 20th, 2021. The videos can be viewed and shared through the exhibition's social media accounts or website , after obtaining the artists' approval.

All participating artworks are subject to the approval of by the Committee prior to display. The Committee has the right to reject any work that does not reflect the theme of the exhibition.

WAM/Rasha Abubaker